Gearing Up

Impromptu Shopping for Road Cyclists

Like barnacles on an ocean liner, a few practical little items are now stowing away on my road bike. These little guys give me some of the conveniences on a proper city bike, like not having to rush home before twilight or being able to stop on the way home for a bite to eat or to pick up something at the store. Fortunately, they’re small enough to fit in one hand. Or and more importantly, to fit in my small seat bag.

Bike Lock Lights Musette Bag

These little guys came in particularly handy after a long 60+ mile training ride for the Solvang Century. The route was relatively flat, so we made the mistake of not really eating much. By the end we were ravenous. We shared a belated lunch at Cafe Vitale in Los Altos, which has a bike rack out front. I pulled out my micro-lock and enjoyed my well-earned meal without worrying about leaving my bike hitched out front.

On the way home, I stopped to get a few items for dinner at Ava’s Downtown Market in Mountain View and locked her up again. I grabbed a few items, stuffed them in my nylon musette bag and pedaled home before sunset. No need for my little bike lights this time.

Musette Bag of Groceries

Here are the details on my micro-sized gear, which keep me locked, lit and loaded:

Locked The lock is a Terrier Roller Mini from OnGuard. To urban dwellers, it’s laughably insecure. But in the ‘burbs it provides the coffee shop level of security that works for short stops.

Loaded My musette bag is one of many freebies I got from cycling events. It’s just two pieces of nylon stitched together with a cotton twill strap and a velcro closure, but it works great. The closest ones I’ve seen for sale are from Jandd, Realcyclist and Banjo Brothers.

Lit Aren’t these the cutest little lights? They’re Amuse lights from Infini. I like the way they blend into Black Beauty’s frame when they’re turned off, but flash or glow brilliantly when they’re turned on. Sweet and safe.

What are the practical little items you have tucked away in your road bike’s seat bag? Is there a story behind how they ended up there?

Wearing Musette Bag of Groceries

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