How to Pace Yourself at Costco

When I started bike commuting I realized how many stores were more or less on my way home: Trader Joe’s, CVS, Target, Safeway, Bev Mo and more. The challenge was having the right bags and estimating how much I could carry before I checked out. Now I’ve figured out some techniques that work every time, even at a big box store like Costco, where economy size means a six pack of economy size items.

After a quick pass through the store, here’s what I had. Will it all fit on my bike? I’m not so sure about the Ziploc baggies and the roasted chicken. Hmmm…

Costco Basket

Since my reusable bags fit exactly in my bike’s grocery panniers, I do quick test-packing to see if I can carry it all.

Costco Bagged Groceries

I’m clear so I run through the checkout. As usual, the guy working checkout tries to cram it all in the two bags, then gives up. So I repack the bags outside and slip them into my bike’s panniers, segregating the hot chicken from the cold items and roll home. The spinach bolani was excellent, by the way.

When you shop by bike, how do you figure out how much you can carry? Have you ever had to return something because it wouldn’t fit?

Costco Ready to Go

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