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Apparel for Active Lifestyles in Palo Alto

When you’re an active person, the line between activewear and regular clothing is often blurred. Fortunately, there are brands that offer clothing, shoes and accessories that work as well on the bike as at work, at coffee shops or just hanging out with friends. Three active apparel shops in downtown Palo Alto–Patagonia, Title 9 and Keen–are supporting Bike to Shop Day with special deals and prizes for people who arrive by bike.


Whether you’re scaling Mt Shasta, bagging Mission Peak or simply climbing out of bed for brunch on a lazy Sunday, Patagonia has the gear you need. Designers of technical outdoor clothing, Patagonia prides itself on being environmentally conscious from their materials to their supply chain to their project grants. Even if your idea of environmentalism goes no further than sorting your garbage and riding your bike to shop, you can feel as good wearing their clothing and using their gear as they do about their strong environmental track record.

Patagonia Menswear Wide

Patagonia is sponsoring Bike to Shop Day by giving away $400 worth of gear toward Bike Month prize drawings, including the Bike to Shop Challenge. Have you sent in your bike shopping photo yet?

Patagonia is located at 525 Alma Street in downtown Palo Alto. View on map.

Title Nine

Unless you attended high school before the 1970s, you may not realize that until the Title IX legislation, many high schools didn’t offer any interscholastic competitive sports for girls. That’s all changed now. Women young and old are challenging themselves more than ever athletically, and apparel companies like Title Nine are stepping up their game to satisfy the needs of demanding buyers who want not only function, but fashion.

Title 9 Window

Title Nine offers sports bras, yoga clothing, women’s sportswear and is offering 9% off a purchase for those who arrive by bicycle on Bike to Shop Day. Get it? It’s a 9% discount because it’s Title Nine. (It took me a while)

Title Nine is located at 208 Hamilton Avenue in downtown Palo Alto. View on map.

Keen Footwear

When Keen Footwear launched its first sport sandal with a thick black bumper to protect the toes, the reaction ranged from “that’s the ultimate canyoneering shoe” to “that’s the ugliest thing I’ve seen.” The sandals sold like hotcakes and in just 10 years the company has expanded to a full range of active lifestyle sandals and shoes, plus socks and bags. Their SPD-compatible sandals are warm weather favorites for cyclists everywhere.

Keen Shoes Wide

Keen is offering a whopping 20% off purchases to people who arrive by bike on Bike to Shop Day. And you don’t even have to ride over there in a pair of Keen shoes. If you’re lucky maybe you’ll ride away in some.

Keen is located at 526 Waverly Street in downtown Palo Alto. View on map.

A big THANK YOU to volunteer Elaine for recruiting these and other businesses in downtown Palo Alto!

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