Why Shop by Bike?

Shopping by bike is a great way for people to have fun and get a little exercise while taking care of our daily or weekly errands. Unlike most work commutes, most errands are local trips of under 2 miles. That’s less than 15 minutes of bicycling for most people and only about 5 minutes more than a trip by car. Other benefits include:

  • Shopping by bike is an easy way to get the recommended 30 minutes a day of exercise health professionals recommend. Plus you’re “double dipping” by using errand time as exercise time.
  • Bike parking is usually closer to the shop door. It’s great to roll right up to premium parking.
  • Since you’re buying only what you can carry, there’s less temptation to buy more than you need
  • Many bike shoppers come home feeling energized instead of drained, especially after a chain of errands.

Deanna TJ

Shoppers that arrive by bike are great for local businesses. Where parking is limited, having people arrive by bike means more customers with fewer parking spaces as well as less street congestion. Customers that shop by bike are more loyal. They shop at businesses closer to home, shop more frequently and do less shopping around for the best deal. For many shoppers, pedaling to another city to save a buck isn’t worth it.

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